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Doc’s Appearances

Finding and meeting Dr.Cocktail is a puzzle, ask anyone. He might appear anywhere, on any continent with negligible notice. This website will attempt to track him, but it’s a challenging proposition. To help, this is where you’ll find links, references and evidentiary trails to him so you’ll be able to ID him when you have papers to serve. One place he usually does make a scheduled appearance is at Tales of the Cocktail, a grand cocktail convention held every July in New Orleans. Nawlins is Doc’s favorite city. That said, the Doctor's appearances are offered from most recent to most moldy.

Dr.Cocktail & the Secret of MaxFunCon

MaxFunCon image

Doc’s big pre-Tales 2009 adventure was in a mysterious wonderland called MaxFunCon. Sounds either like the playground at McDonald’s or some adult film industry afterparty, doesn’t it? Well... please allow me to speak for Doc when I say (oh by the way, let me introduce myself. I’m Doc’s editorial voice, a grammatical construct and close associate of the Royal We. Dr.Cocktail employs me to avoid the natural liability issues that derive from the nonsense he is wont to spout - not to mention the ego implications of always being so “me me me.” That putz. He doesn’t pay me enough) that does not entirely encompass the magic that is MaxFunCon. Only partially. Yet when Doc accepted the invitation, it wasn’t clear exactly what MFC was (and no one would tell him.) However, after he had been ensconced at the old abandoned hunting lodge by the misty mountain lake for a time, not only did he start typing the same words again and again, he also came to understand the terrible truth that no person dared speak: MaxFunCon was the First National Smart Nerd Convention, and boy could those nerds (with whom Doc had a natural simpatico) drink. Embarrassingly Doc-centric event fotos follow here. He never did get to meet Max.

Holding court at The Museum of the American Cocktail


Here’s an article on the the Grand Opening of The Museum of the American Cocktail (MOTAC). Doc cut the ribbon and led tours in 2008.

Here’s Doc with a display item at the grand opening of The Museum of the American Cocktail

The Grand Opening of The Museum of the American Cocktail was the culmination of a lot of work by a lot of people. Here is a gallery that takes you briefly through the process from original site survey to opening day.

More about the MOTAC Grand Opening will be found in the Clippings, Media, and Writings categories - as well as via the MOTAC website link at the top of the page.


Tales of Tales past

A little teaser for Tales 2008 from Conde Nast Traveler, which segues into a nice anticipatory nod to MOTAC’s upcoming opening.

An adept Tales 2007narrative in the first of two parts by Doc's longtime supporters, KegWorks. And here is part two.

Tales 2007 covered by the Washington Post

Here’s Luxury Experience Magazine's Tales of the Cocktail 2007 recounting.

To offer a more specific orientation of 2007’s Tales coverage, here is an expert absinthe blogger’s take on the green aspects of the event.

Moving back to 2006, here’s some reportage on dinner with Doc at Tales of the Cocktail #4 with delightful dining companions from Luxury Experience Magazine.

Here’s a little bit on Doc’s first Tales of the Cocktail in 2005 by Nation's Restaurant News reporter, Peter Romeo.

Tales 2005 as chronicled for Emerils.com by Lorin Gaudin. Is that a sexy name or what?

And for our final Tales coverage, we return to our friends at Luxury Experience Magazine.

More Sightings

Doc teamed up with Danny Trace, inspired head chef, and Lu Brow, inspired bar chef, at Café Adelaide of New Orleans in 2006. An entry from the blog of transcendent author Poppy Z. Brite in which she describes her attendance of a cocktail dinner designed and presented by Doc and Danny and prepared (the drink part) by Lu.

Images (including one with Doc,) from the popular blog of famous foodies and authors Andrew Dornenberg and Karen Page as they sample Lu's stellar cocktails with superb cuisine at Café Adelaide later in 2006.

In 2005, Doc was a featured guest speaker at the annual Modern Drunkards Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can find his article on it in the Writings section and one of two articles covering it by other journalists here by Megan McCloskey.

The second of the two articles on the Modern Drunkards Convention was authored by Andrew Gumbel, a well-respected reporter, here for the Independent.

W-a-a-y back in 2003 Doc turned up in New York City to commemorate the life and work of “Professor” Jerry Thomas.

And here's William Grimes' welcome New York Times coverage of the same event.

And here's the Godfather of the Cocktail, Dale DeGroff writing about the wondrous confab as well.