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News Flash: Martini Republic Staff Discuss Martinis
& LA Weekly Martini Coverage

Someone needs to say something about this one … I would think … Mikulan at LAWeekly

Actually - and I was all set to tear him a new liver- surprise, surprise - he’s about right. I know nothing of Lola’s, but he even got Taix in there. It remains a problem that ignorance continues to hobble the important role vermouth plays, but all these barmen (Pinot excluded) learned the ’60s methods. I’ll bet you 10 to 1 they all (Pinot excluded) served more -ugh- rocks Martinis than up for most of their careers. Pinot is imitating them. All this said, they are fine classic Martinis of their sort and these guys, if I ask them to add vermouth - will, and not in an unknowledgeable way at that.

Mikulan got it right.

Alex and I of course cringe at the mere mention of apple martinis.

I agree he got most of it right, though. Musso’s–of course. Taix is pretty good, still, especially as rendered by Alberto and Fernando (who by the way both have relatives who are grooms at Santa Anita–a lot of pony wisdom is spilled over the bar this time of year). (Note to Glen–Taix is the best place in town to get Highland Park Orkney Island single malt 12). You’ve got to have Dresden in there. Pinot Hollywood aussi. But that apple martini detour was just too much to stomach. A writer should be more responsible, and try to cure the pox, rather than help it along.

My feeling, anyway. If you are drinking apple martini, you should at least have the decency to make sure they’re vodka martinis, and also you should be wearing a dress. (No offense, publisher.)

Yes, with the skirt, I get more of a pass on cocktails that are colors other than clear or tawny. I’ll choose a Cosmo if I need to look particularly ladylike for some reason, but a gin martini is usually my choice, skirt or not. Or ’some gin martinis’ if I happen to be in LA, as you know. None of this apple crap.

Dr.Cocktail intones: You can’t turn back the clock. While the "Martini" culture grates on us, it is following a verifiable tradition of its own. As the word "martini" has generically become a substitute for the word "cocktail" in a certain strata of youthful parlance, so by the mid 20th century did the word "cocktail" cannibalize these drink forms: Juleps, Slings, Fixes. Fizzes, Sangarees, Crustas, Cobblers, and even highballs. As we find ourselves well into the second decade of the resurgence, we already see a return to the word "cocktail" and the drinks are becoming ever so slightly more sophisticated. It’ll take time, and blame Big Liquor for pushing God-awful sweet trendoid concoctions just to whore their brands. As for Apple martinis, it is my prediction, as with the almost-as-bad Cosmopolitan, that they are here to stay. Not so the Chocolate martini, but I think unquestionably the Apple recipe. I don’t drink them, but then they aren’t aimed at any of US. The LA Weekly would be remiss in its charter *not* to cover Candy martinis. It’s the balance struck between us and the 21 year-olds who read the damned thing. I’ll go further to say I detect in Mikulan a subtext of distaste with that particular coverage.

As such articles go, I read SOOOOO much worse, almost on a daily basis.

Ya gotta know, I keep my ears to the rails. Oh. It’s a bar rail. Will someone help me up, please?

Here’s something I tried the other day. Take 1 oz. of Hypnotiq (hey, Gary Regan turned me on to it–I thought it was just a gimmick bottle, too, but the stuff’s actually tasty) and stir in 1 oz. of cognac (or, really, any other gold/brown liquor, but cognac works and tastes yummy). The resulting drink is as green as a Granny Smith, but tastes better than anything made with Pucker.

Here are my apple tips:


Also Vox recently sent me a bottle of their apple-infused vodka. It was startlingly natural-tasting. So did that lead to an Apple martini for Doc? Only in the sense that I drank the vodka.

Originally published on May 21st, 2005