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Cocktail's Bastard Stepchild

The grand (and not-so-grand) giggle water drink resurgence has seen substantial Aperitif pamphlet cover maturation in step with its ongoing human audience. As might be expected, with so many venues, online and off, extolling the virtues of ever-more rarified and specific modes of imbibing, the trendy socialite is finally getting a head on her shoulders. Can she leap the terrifying gulf that now confronts her?

Don’t mistake my meaning; knowing how to hold a glass and muse wistfully at bygone oak is a fine thing, but true continental savoir vivre forces your Doctor to rip the lid off a repressed, ugly secret:


Yes, both sweet and dry, red and white, Italian and French. Vermouth. Stop covering your ears. Go the last mile (before you go off the deep end, with bitters, as I have.)

My partner in CocktailDB, Martin D. just hosted an homage to vermouth and other aperitif wines. (Vermouth as an aperitif wine; see? It’s sounding better already.) Although the event occurred last Monday in New York, I co-authored a small-but-enlightening guidebook on the topic for the event worth reading. I’d certainly mail it to all of you faithful readers, but the USPS would surely confiscate it and throw me in the hoosegow — it is, after all, vermouth we are talking about here.

So to help you along in your oh-so liberal education, download or view a PDF of the file right here.

And be brave.

Originally published on November 17th, 2005