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Preface to Larousse des Cocktails

Fernando Castellon and I have much in common when we speak of cocktails. Initially, we mutually indulged ourselves in the rich history of the drink form and its many fascinating recipes. Beyond the adventurous stories, however, lies the genius of the cocktail’s immortality: its ability to adapt with the times. The finest of today’s cocktails best their ancestors in numerous ways. We have a far wider variety of high quality ingredients with which to experiment. The Internet makes procuring previously rare potions a possibility. The resurgence of the cocktail builds upon a history distant enough that, at least potentially, it is now a new field of endeavor provoking wildly innovative ideas. Fernando is espousing the very best of these ideas in this book, namely that fresh natural ingredients proportioned by flavor to balance with the plethora of alcohol additives now available can systemically produce drinks to make the ages (and our taste buds) proud. I cannot conceive of a better spokesman for the living future of cocktails than my dear friend, Fernando Castellon.

Written December, 2005