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Dr. Cocktail loves to write.

He’s always got book ideas cranking around in his head. He writes a regular column for Imbibe Magazine and another for (and we're not kidding here,) [We can't tell you yet. Stay tuned. It might just send you spiraling over the precipice of insanity...]. Through some twist of fortuitous fate, he has also been honored to write the introductions for books other than his own...those of other living cocktail experts, and those of historical 19th century barmen meticulously reproduced for new appraisal in the 21st century.

Cocktail Noir

There was a time when he dabbled in blogging (for a now-defunct weblog called the Martini Republic,) and may do so again. In this section of the Doctor's site, select writings from all of the above sources are reproduced. As a little value-added bonus, some pieces from the very early days of the cocktail renaissance are introduced that have never been seen before, including the first ideas behind “Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails” back in 1993. Now, sixteen years later, as the revised and expanded deluxe hardback edition hits the shelves, perhaps those early pieces will provide a bit of perspective and interest. Where helpful, they have been notated.

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